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November 12th, 2010

fear not

i havent abandoned you. i am not going to  be updating my lj anymore though. i DO have 2 other blogs convivial crafter and wilcox wizard wares. where i always post the same junk i post here. BOTH of them are fed to facebook if you care to follow them they can be found on networked blogs and will show up on your friends wall there when i make a post. if youd like me to send you an invite to follow them please let me know and ill do so.

i know i know. i really really tried to not let FB take my life over but it would seem that it can not be helped. i am, it would appear, a mindless sheep controlled by the man. ugh. hahaha

anyhow you can still find my inane ramblings over there and i hope you do. im staying on lj so that i can be a member of certain comms but other than that no updates so ive pretty much unfriended everyone. not because i am not friends with you but becuase we are already friends on FB. most of you also have your ljs on networked blogs so i follow you that way :0)

ok luv you buh bye