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not a wasted minute

i feel better and ill share that too:
  • almost finished the living room unpacking and decorating. should be done by work tomorrow :0)
  • chad folded the laundry (well laid it all out flat. close enough. at least its not getting wrinklier by te second)
  • made some decisions about hlboes and put things into action. we re in a good place with that now as long as my co headmistress doesnt have a problem with what ive decided (but i havent heard from her in a while so someone has to make choices)
  • emailed the pet sitter. shoudl hear from her by monday
  • turns out i dont hate the sofa table. we re keeping it. i found the reciept too just in case i change my mind again
  • got a bagel in me and felt much better. hungry again now though. going to hunt and gather like my ancestors did....at taco bell
  • spent 4 hours with the dirct tv guy while he hooked up all our tvs and was very nice to deal with.
  • made a date to teach some friends to make ornaments like ive been promissing. one promise compleeted
time to eat and get ready to go to a christmas party :0)


Dec. 14th, 2009 05:20 pm (UTC)
it was super fun. we actually ended p playing beatles rock band all night! hahaha. thats my kinda party