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the hottness just dropped yo!

hahaha. so the newest video that super tallented The Chad cut "went live yesterday". that aparently is big editor mumbo jumbo for "its on youtube now". again im not a rap fan but this video looks awesome and the song like the last one is pretty catchy. what do yall think!? i cant get him to post it to his face book so ill just have to post it to mine huh?

Tiny Tale: lets start here. chad is a bluegrass fan and a crunchy hippie at heart :0) so The Chad and his bosses went to a tech 9 (thats the rapper in this video) concert to watch some taping they were doing for a new video (not this one). i guess a camera guy failed to show and The Chad was the only one with camera expierience so he had to run out and get a black shirt and black pants cause he was gonna be on stage moving around and videoing. tech 9's ...uh...crew or whatever you call em gave him a hat. the bill was all stiff and straight and it had the silver sticker on the bill. The Chad went to peel it off and they all wigged out and were like "NO! you leave it on to show that is still crispy." hahaha! ok. thats hilarious. THEN he was strolling around and his bosses didnt recognize him and he walked up behind them, tapped them on the shoulder and told them they didnt recognize him because he "went from bluegarss to badass!" hahahaha