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fear not

i havent abandoned you. i am not going to  be updating my lj anymore though. i DO have 2 other blogs convivial crafter and wilcox wizard wares. where i always post the same junk i post here. BOTH of them are fed to facebook if you care to follow them they can be found on networked blogs and will show up on your friends wall there when i make a post. if youd like me to send you an invite to follow them please let me know and ill do so.

i know i know. i really really tried to not let FB take my life over but it would seem that it can not be helped. i am, it would appear, a mindless sheep controlled by the man. ugh. hahaha

anyhow you can still find my inane ramblings over there and i hope you do. im staying on lj so that i can be a member of certain comms but other than that no updates so ive pretty much unfriended everyone. not because i am not friends with you but becuase we are already friends on FB. most of you also have your ljs on networked blogs so i follow you that way :0)

ok luv you buh bye

christmas 09

We just had a wonderful Christmas day at Frank and Cindys (chads folks). His sister and her family came over and we had brunch and opened presents. Chads families tradition is their breakfast casseroles. they make an egg and sausage casserole and this crazy delicious pineapple and ritz crackers casserole thing. i know it sounds like a disgusting combination but, take it from the pickiest eater in the world. its scrumptious.
we all got some really fantastic and thoughtful gifts but one fun thing that i got (i say i got cause its a family gift but the chad is NEVER gonna play with it so its mine! MINE! moowAAHAHA!) is a snowball maker. imagine salad tongs but instead of tongs on the end each side has 1/2 of a ball shaped scooper. you clamp it down on the snow and it pops out a snow ball! AWESOME! made even MORE awesome by the fact that is SNOWED last night. like really snowed! 8 inches! white christmas for us YAY!!!!! i went out immediately to test this contraption out and the snow was too dry to it to work properly. each 1/2 of the snowball was smooth and round but it wouldnt stick together in the middle cause the snow is too dry. my first attempt made this hilarious face in the snow from the scooping and the halves of the ball falling out right there!
hahaha. is it just me!? thats funny.
chad and i were trying to take a pic for the christmas card next year but i just cant be serious for long enough to get one done :0) hope you enjoy these and have been having a very merry christmas yourself.


if you celebrate...

 christmas...why? i am honestly curious. what do you believe and why? is it just a day to cherish and spend with family? is it really the birth day of jesus? do you celebrate the winter solstice and if so how? tell me what you believe and why? tell me your absolutly favorite holiday tradition. i want to know. know my friends know my quiet readers better. thanks guys ((hugs)) and Happy Holidays!

christmas ornament crazy!!!

i just made two other kinds of ornaments and learned about a third. unfortunatley i wont get to show them till after the holidays :0(. i was thinking about doing another ornament tute for one of them but since it will be after christmas there really wont be any point. i guess ill save it for next year. i love making ornaments. i can make so many different kinds i could almost write a book about it! hahaha. and we never ever have a tree. in the 11 years ive been with the chad weve had one tree. so all my ornaments are in a box. i wish those crazy metal tinsel trees werent so expensive. they look really fun. maybe ill figure out how to rig one up on the cheap for next year. hhmmmm that just got my brain working....ideas are forming about tinsel tree. oh no. this cant be good.


talk to me tuesday 13

in which i talk about some more ornaments i made, starknuts, paper piecing, and hp_paperpiecing.

best invention EVAR

caitirin ! i used my ravel it button for the first time today! AMAZING. thanks for sharing that with me and helping me get it all set up! ((hugs))

prennish ramblings...AGAIN?!

why mom? why wont she stop? yes. things occur to me and i must torture you with them.

1) asked chad if he needed a hand getting behind the tv to plug something in (he looked like he was struggling) he said "no. what i really need is longer eyes." aaaaahahahaha. cause he couldnt see behind the tv! i envisioned him with convienient snail eyes peering over the top of the tv while he plugged and unplugged things

2) had another snoozin' musin' yes thats what im calling those things that are totally random that pop into your head right before you fall asleep and its like a miracle if you remember them the next mornin even though you tell yourself you are "totally gonn look that up as SOON as you get up"

3) onto the snoozin' musin: that phrase "dont look a gift horse in the mouth"....doesnt it mean if someone is giving you a gift you should just shut up and take it and not ask a buncha questions? that
doesnt make any sense. isnt that refering to the trojan horse? it seems like those folks woulda been a bit better off if they HAD looked in that horses mouth cause it was FULL OF PEOPLE!


let me tall you what is NOT ok.

i am a waitress. you all know that. i dont mind it but its not my favorite job either. im not terrible at it but im not great at it either. i am competent. i am friendly and given the opportunity i will float you out of the building cause i cam GOOD at refils. here is what is not ok. being a drunken biligerent ass hole to your waitress all night for stuff that is out of her control. not tipping and TRYING TO GET AWAY WITH OUT EVEN PAYING!!! AND>>>>THEN>>>>>STEALING ALL HER PENS!

heres the short hand version of the tale:
a group of 10 people is waiting to eat dinner. the host tells them the wait is an hour. they agree to wait. they clearly have been drinking all day and then continue to drink at the bar while they wait. whatever, i cocktail waitressed for 2 years i can deal with drunk folks.....but aparently not MEAN drunk folks. they finialy get to sit...they are PISSED they had to wait 45 minutes.

i apologize for the inconvenience and thank them for waiting. they order drinks and appetizers. i get them. when i return with the drinks i tell the people that ordered beer "i am soooo sorry for the wait. the bar is really backed up. as you can see it is a madhouse in here tonight for some reason. everyone wants CPK! *big ass kissing grin here* can i get you a water while you are waiting?" then the yelling began.

apparently im so stupid and slow and incompetent and its my fault there is nothing on the menu that they like and "why do you just have fuckin' spaRgetti?!"  i apologized that they thought there was nothing on the menu that they thought they would like and would they please tell me what it is they were wanting and ill try to modify something on the menu to fit their needs. so i get that all worked out for them.

i DO have other tables but i am doing my best to let them know the status of their food. "im sorry this is taking so long. the kitchen is backed up as well. your pizzas are in the oven and it shoudl be just another 10 minutes or so" yadda yadda yadda. i get a table full of evil glares and one guy shouts out. "fuck this we should order from pizza hut and have them deliver it here and turn your food away when it comes." whatever. im done with them. their food comes i spilt their damn check up a million ways from sunday i get their cards amongst a slew of personal insults. i run them all.

i tell them thank you for comming again i apologize that they thought everything was so slow (they were out in under an hour from the time they sat down id like to say. that is average for our restraunt and it was effing nutters in there tonight) but that i hoped wed see them again real soon.

i finish my other tables. i go back to clear their table and grab my pens....they stole them...there were 70 pennies thrown all over the table....sprinkled on the plates of left over food....in their drinks....they had taken all their credit card reciepts...left nothing signed except for one ticket that they had written "fuck you" on. i have been told a million times that if people dont pay (like they dine and dash) the server has to pay it. their tab was close to 170 bucks. i burst into tears right there at the table and ran to the back. yell at me the whole time for stuff thats not my fault, dont tip me, steal my pens, dont pay for your food AND cuss me out!? that is not ok.

turns out their reciepts dont need to be signed. just ran.. so at least i didnt have to pay for their food but i did have to tip out busser and bar with money that i didnt make. one manager asked what i was gonna do. i said if i ever see them in the plaza again i was gonna KEY THEIR CAR!!!!! which i wouldnt do....probably. another server was like "i can understand that felling. if you cave to it be sure to take off your name tag and CPK pin before you do it." AAAAAHAHAHAHA good thinkin there.

the whole problem comes from doing things the "CPK way" if ida been at my old job and these shenanigans started to occour with a table i was totally allowed to tell them, straight from the jump, that if they were going to be rude and insulting they could just leave and make room for another ten top that would act like decent human beings. it took every fiber of my being to not be like *picks up pizza knife and wields it in a threatening fashion* "lookey here ass hole no, we aint got no fuckin spaRgetti. you had a whole hour while you were waiting to look at the menu and you coulda figured that out instead of drowning you fat bald head in anther 7 pints of beer. its gonna take as long as it takes to get your food and drinks cause i have zero controll over that process and you can see the restraunt is packed to the gills so shut your pie hole and wait. and while im at it ive added a 20% gratuity onto your bill for having such a large party ill stand here while you sign those tickets. dont have a nice evening and i hope you trip on a curb on the way out." *stabs pizza knife into the top of the table and slaps on prens most winning smile here* GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! what a night.


Music Monday #7/ random video thursday

yep its a two-fer. i wanna start by saying i should be sharing this on music monday but i just cant wait. so im tagging it music monday any ways.....so there!
The Chad and i LOVE us some Flight of the Conchords. the video i really wanted to share with you is the second one but i felt like you really couldnt appreciate its brilliance until you saw the origional. so these are dedicated to all my friends. i heart you :0D

fail fail WIN

its been awhile since i have delighted myself with the tear jerking giggles that are sure to accompany a visit to fail blog....god how i love you fail blog. tonights trip did not disapoint. i present you with two fails and a win:


rambling blah blah blah

i got the most amazing christmas card from lezlishae. she cross stitched little gifts and put them on the card front. you can see them being worked on in her ttmt vid here. thank you shae!!!! ive been trying to figure out how to get the cross stitch out of there and turn it into a magnet like this one to the left that i got in a swap once :0). i have also been getting tons of christmas cards with family photos on them and that is just love. thanks guys! i LOVE getting cards with pictures. LOVE IT! and its been super fun to get mail that isnt bills at the new house. definitely makes it feel more like home.

i got a super fantastic awesome response from my marbled ball ornament tutorial vid and i just wanted to say thanks. y'all made me blush with all your kind words. im glad i could inspire you to try something new. i cant wait to see the creations. also i got some GREAT tips too! here they are:
  • if you cant find clear ball ornaments where you are or if you just have a "green" christmas on the top of your holiday wish list, try recycling old colored balls to get the color off and have a blank canvas. go here to learn how! thanks for that link beshneela!
  • my friend heather schott posted this tip for me on youtube: "Hiya Pren, I did the rinse of 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water and let them dry for an hour. Used Delta Ceramcoat metallics and opaques... have some that are 10 yrs old & still look good. :-) I should do this again! " so you CAN use metalics!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. SOOOOOO going to the store to buy more paint tomorrow :0D
the Black and white challenge is still happening at Wordless Wednesday. dont forget to post your entries before the due date to win a prize. you can read all about it here. there have been some fantastic submissions and the competition will be fierce. :0) i am soooo impressed with what all of us amature photographers have come out with so far.

hhmmmmm. i guess thats it for today guys. the YOLWOM is going well. The Chad and i got all the must have furniture for the new house that we needed and didnt put a thing on the plastic! WOOT WOOT! the unpacking is still progressing and should be all done by the new year.....maybe. hahaha. working at california pizza kitchen is going well. im not rolling the the big loot but its getting me by and i cant complain about that :0)

not a wasted minute

i feel better and ill share that too:
  • almost finished the living room unpacking and decorating. should be done by work tomorrow :0)
  • chad folded the laundry (well laid it all out flat. close enough. at least its not getting wrinklier by te second)
  • made some decisions about hlboes and put things into action. we re in a good place with that now as long as my co headmistress doesnt have a problem with what ive decided (but i havent heard from her in a while so someone has to make choices)
  • emailed the pet sitter. shoudl hear from her by monday
  • turns out i dont hate the sofa table. we re keeping it. i found the reciept too just in case i change my mind again
  • got a bagel in me and felt much better. hungry again now though. going to hunt and gather like my ancestors did....at taco bell
  • spent 4 hours with the dirct tv guy while he hooked up all our tvs and was very nice to deal with.
  • made a date to teach some friends to make ornaments like ive been promissing. one promise compleeted
time to eat and get ready to go to a christmas party :0)

i feel like ive been missing so much

i am scrambling to keep up with my life right now and i feel the need to be a little over dramatic and self indulgent sooooooo here we go:
  • our whole house is still in boxes!
  • clean laundry is piled all over the place and now its all wrinkled!
  • i can not keep up with all my web stuff. i just dont have time to read what everyone is up to and i certainly dont have time to post. and i feel like i am dissapointing people.
  • HLBOES is about to start again and i really dont have time to help run that but i have to cause who else is gonna do it?
  • we re supposed to be going to tulsa for christmas and i havent booked the pet sitter or bought christmas pressents or anything.
  • the few presents that i did buy are lost in the mail.
  • i have no system of orginization (which is really unlike me)
  • cpk owes me for 6 hours of work and its been 4 weeks and they havent fixed it despite all my nagging.
  • i am working every day of the week to get a measly 20 hours
  • i promised to make a few things for people and i am just NEVER going to get to even start them at this rate. again i feel like i am letting people down. and seriously....how long does it take to make a baby hat. not that long but i cant find the time.
  • we bought a sofa table and i think i hate it...cant find the reciept....gonna have to keep it.
  • there is no food in this house and im hungry.

ok....yup....i think that about covers it *grouses*..........ok im over it.....time to go to walmart.


the hottness just dropped yo!

hahaha. so the newest video that super tallented The Chad cut "went live yesterday". that aparently is big editor mumbo jumbo for "its on youtube now". again im not a rap fan but this video looks awesome and the song like the last one is pretty catchy. what do yall think!? i cant get him to post it to his face book so ill just have to post it to mine huh?

Tiny Tale: lets start here. chad is a bluegrass fan and a crunchy hippie at heart :0) so The Chad and his bosses went to a tech 9 (thats the rapper in this video) concert to watch some taping they were doing for a new video (not this one). i guess a camera guy failed to show and The Chad was the only one with camera expierience so he had to run out and get a black shirt and black pants cause he was gonna be on stage moving around and videoing. tech 9's ...uh...crew or whatever you call em gave him a hat. the bill was all stiff and straight and it had the silver sticker on the bill. The Chad went to peel it off and they all wigged out and were like "NO! you leave it on to show that is still crispy." hahaha! ok. thats hilarious. THEN he was strolling around and his bosses didnt recognize him and he walked up behind them, tapped them on the shoulder and told them they didnt recognize him because he "went from bluegarss to badass!" hahahaha

7 things meme

i was taged!
List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
Tag seven people to do the same.
Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

1) i have to set a 5 minute time limit per brow when tweezing...otherwise i wouldnt have any eyebrows at all. "enh. just one more. grrrr ok one more on the other side."

2) i dont own a scale

3) i can eat an entire meduim pizza by myself

4) i have a nervous tic of rubbing my middle knuckle on my middle finger with my pointer finger. i do it so much that i have a callous there now.

5) my favorite song to sing in the shower is "sold" and i like to sing it really really loud!

6) i honestly think that the only reason people think lemon smells like "clean" is because all cleaning products are scented like that. i think that if the first scent ever put in a cleaning product was peanut butter, then people would think peaunt butter smelled like "clean"

7) my favorite sweet thing is chocolate cake. mmmmmm



featured artist

OK PEOPLE! check out this featured artist today!
Curtis Schmidt is a friend of ours and works with my hubby. he is just chock FULL of christmas spirit to boot. He was "Crafting for good-not Evil" when he made this wreath. it all started with a face book call out for people to give him "gears". any thing that had a gear in it that you didnt want he wanted. i was like "oohhh some kinda good craftin must be going on in the Schmidt household. wonder what it could be?"I saw this project before it was finished and was just an amazing little box with gears and stuff on it and was totally facinated when i heard that he was going to somehow attach this box to a christmas wreath and donte it to an auction for charity.
for my steampunk friends out there, doesnt this just totally scream steampunk cristmas to you? the box powers the lights on the wreath!this wonderful piece of art went to a charity auction at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art here in Kansas City. it earned $150 for the benefit of KVC Behavioral HeathCare! go Curtis!
i love! love! LOVE! thise wreath. the person that won it is soooooo lucky.

*btw these pix are the property of curtis schmidt. please dont take them or use them without his permission. if you would also like to feature his work on your blog please send me an email (its in the sidebar) and ill get you in touch with him. or just link your post back t this post :0D


new icon and aquestion

check my new icon! rad huh? i got it from this lj user rory_tutorgirl. anyhow onto the question. hey why did that typing just go bold?....i dont know but i cant turn it normal again....oh well thats not the question...what do you call that little thingys a at the bottom of posts that say you are "happy" "tired"etc.? hey my typing went back to normal! what is going on here? oh well. so i want to look up some of those emotion indicator thingies to get some special ones like ofenjen has or like grain damaged and many of the rest of you but i dont knwo how to look them up or where to attach the info to make them work on here. can someone tech me about hose thingies plz. thanks!

wow! this post is like a typo extravaganza! and im leaving it that way hahaha

a year of 1sts meme ganked from caitirin

The first sentence (or two) from the first post of each month in 2009. You know how this works. :D Memes and tweets and whatnot don't count.

HAPPY BIRFDAY [info]dieppe !!!

this weekend just felt waaaay too short to me. maybe it was cause i didnt really get any crafting done as i was forbiden from sewing durring the super bowl *hurumph*.


got a hat made a hat. here they are.

Wizard Money converter. oh my gosh you guys! i randomly found this today! *just realized her old link didnt work any more and foud a new one for your enjoyment. HPL of couse. this sentence is not part of the meme. just a note after the fact

hahaha i OWN the riverdance dvd!

I just realized that i have been posting my progress for this on Ravelry and in my Talk to Me tuesdays but i havent done a proper photo update here since i picked out the yarn.

Day...well the rest of them...of the two weeks 5 year anniversary road trip.

Nlbinding thought my SCA friends might find this interesting.

reeEEEEEEwwwRRRRR! in angry cat that means HAPPY BIRTHDAY dragonsinger954!!!

Finially here. where is here you might ask.

i am trying to par down on the tags i use on my blogger blog. im cleaning it up a bit so that it will be a better representation of my etsy business as well as my general interests.

Now Presenting Madison Mackenzie Moore! yup a new niece.


got to meet another swap pal!!

Donetta is smileynetta over at ravelry and i met her through the "hogwarts sock kit swap" about a year ago. She lives in Italy with her hubby who is in the military. i never ever thought id get the chance to meet her in real life but maaaaaaan did i ever get excited when i got a mesage from her saying she was going to be in the states over thanksgiving. and not just the states OKLAHOMA! and NOT JUST OKLAHOMA...TULSA!!!!! are you kidding me!? IM going to be in tulsa over thanksgiving!

so of course we met up for morning coffee and went to my favorite tulsa yarn store "loops" it was just fantastic. we only got to visit for a few hours but i am sooooo sad she had to go. i wish she lived in my city. wed be fast friends for sure.

i have been so lucky this year to get to meet so many of my online friends in real life. they have all been fantastic. i am blessed. i am thankful for meeting and knowing (online and in real life) sooooo many wonderful, kind, thoughtful people.

she was a shutter bug too so im sure ill have more pix to add to this album soon but here are the few other pix of our day.



Madison Mackenzie Moore! yup a new niece. well shes a few weeks old but this is the first pic i got of her and shes still sooooooo teeny! she was born on october 30th and is the new baby of my sister-in-law and my brother-in-law-in-law? hahaha. i dont know what you call the husband of your sister-in-law....besides travis...cause thats his name. haha. ok so tyler and travis had this teeny lil one. all she does is sleep. its awesome. hahaha. this was at thanksgiving. youd never believe how heavy a baby that smalls head can get after a few minutes! i dont know how you moms do it. i held her a bit and then it was time for food and she went right back to mom.


hogwarts robes dress diary

i have been asked quite a few times this year for the information on how i made these hogwarts robes for me and my friends. i figured id put together a quick dress diary about them for you all. you can fid the whole thing over in this post at Wilcox Wizard Wares. hope you like it :0) (btw i didnt make the ravenclaw one michelle did hers heself and i made a hufflepuff one thats not in this pic also)
so here are some teaser pix as per ushe but head over here to see all the goodies in detail about what i got (first pic) and what i gave.

Music Monday #6

ok so im not attaching any music you will notice. thats because i am frusterated. none of my past MM's will play! what is the deal? i can upload them and they work for about a week and then nothin. it says "getting info from fileden" (who ive been using as my file hosting) but it never ACTUALLY gets it cause it wont play. thoughts, my computer friendly folk? does anyone know of a file hosting site that wont do this to me? because if not im not doing music mondays anymore. it takes too long to set up these posts to have them not work after a week. so anyone with any great ideas please share. i heart doing music mondays.

holiday wishes meme

Step One
Make an LJ post that contains your list of holiday wishes for things you truly want.

Step Two
Skim through LJ and see who posted their own wish lists. Then -- and this is the most important part -- if you find a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make that person's wish comes true.

You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf -- to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not--it's your call.

There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Just...wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive. And you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone else's holiday special too.

Read my wish listCollapse )


new moon

just a note to say...its 3am and i just got back from watching new moon. i will do a full review later including showing off the fan girl gear i made but for now all i have to say is EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEE!!!...Oh. My. GOD! SOOOOOOO GOOOD!


Music Monday #5

How about a little JT to get your morning started off right? oh yes, there is audience participation at the end. hahaha

heres where you can buy the album this song came off of. The song is called Senorita. Not only can he sing and rock the boogie he also seems like he would be a really cool guy to hang out with. doesnt he?

NCIS poll

just for fun :0). i was watching my tivo (speaking of hello lover. GOD I LOVE TIVO!) and i just love mcgee. hed be my NCIS Husband i think. hahaha i was just wondering what you thought?

Poll #1486250 good morning lover

Whic NCIS team member would you want to marry?


If you werent married to the person in question one..would you hook up with the same or different person for a one night stand?



Crafting for good!

as always i am looking for ways to make the world a better place through craft. i thought id share what one crafter is doing to give back.

Read more and see pix of drool worthy yarnsCollapse )

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