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Iz yur birfday too!

hermione_jean !!!! HOPE ITS AN AWESOME ONE!!!

gots me a new icon

ok we all know im team jacob i just thought this was too funny not to try out for a while. maybe ill give it to my cuz idunajinx (who is E.C. OBSESSED) when im done with it. which shoudlnt take too long as i already feel like traitor to the pack.


wordless wednesday CHALLENGE!!

hey everyone! its our first challenge for Wordless Wednesday! i have become recently obsessed with taking black and white pictures. well, less taking, and more changing really. i take them on my digital camera in color and switch them all to black and white to see how they look. it really really does change the look and feel of a picture. This challenge is to submit a photo in black and white for voting on by the participants of all the WW groups.

  • Photo must be submitted by January 15th
  • Please take photos and upload them at the highest resolution you can for purposes of the prize.
  • Photos can be submitted to the WW Livejournal Group, or on the WW Flicker Group
  • Photos can be of any subject as long as its work safe (no naughty material people this is in the group rules)
  • Photos must be taken by you (also in the group rules)
  • You may enter as many photos as you like
  • You MUST tag your entries "WW Black and White Challenge" so that i can find them when its time to gather. if you dont tag them you arent entered.
  • Photos must be...um....black and white.
  • Photos will be gathered from LJ and Flicker by January 25th and the voting will begin. (this means i have permission to copy or download any photos you enter in the challenge for purposes of the poll and prize so please dont lock them.)
  • I will link the poll post here but the poll will be held on livejournal.
  • Anyone and everyone will be able to vote.
  • Voting will end on January 30th and the winner will be announced on the 31st
  • The fabulous Prize for the winner will be an 8X10 print of their picture in their choice of a black or white frame with a black or white mat. all acid free and safe for photos of course. i will be matting and framing these not a professional shop but i will use materials that will keep your winning photo safe.


thats what Yonder Mountian String Band calls their halloween show. get it? cause they are BLUEgrass? This show was in lawrence, kansas at Liberty Hall. it was two day show and so we stayed in lawrence even though its not very far away from kansas city. We stayed at a historic hotel called The Eldridge that is allegedly haunted. i experienced no hauntings while there. phew.there are all sorts of goodies behind this cutCollapse )

kitty pumpkin

Oh My LORD Kallys Costume! AWWWWWWWW. yup she was a pumpkin this year and while she tollerated it she wasnt very happy about it. although after i laught histerically and took about a million pix, i left the costume on her to see what she would do and she wore it (only glancing up distainfully at me a few times) for about 30 minutes. then she said "ive had enough of this hat" and tossed it off. if that look doesnt say "why wont you just die?" then i dont know what does. hahahaha
see the pixCollapse )


in case you didnt vote on FB


Poll #1480805 help me update my blog

which do you like better

brown and multi polka dots
red black and white bows


a bit of blog advise needed

i am trying to par down on the tags i use on my blogger blog. im cleaning it up a bit so that it will be a better representation of my etsy business as well as my general interests. i have combined a bunch of stuff like crochet and knitting are now one tag etc etc. heres the question.

i have linus as a tag and im working on a few other things for my cousins charity and ive donated to different art auctions for various causes etc. i dont want to list each cause separatley in the tags becuase they dont have very many posts a piece and it seems like a waste ya know? but i DO want people to know which orginizations i like and support. so i was wondering is it rude or does it look hoity toity of me to list them all under one tag called "charities"? like oohhh im so great look at me i donate stuff. i mean you all know me and know i wouldnt be like that at all but i dont want to come off that way to people that dont know me very well or just happen upon my blog. or is there a better word you think i could use? or do you think i should put buttons in the sidebar like i do with my swap groups and then just list the post under whatever craft it is?

like now if i make a quilt for linus it gets a "linus connection" tag and a "quilting" tag.  so if i used the buttons id just list the linus blanket under "quilting" tag and let them find their way to the button

i dont know....here go look at my other blog and see what you think. i am also going to change my headder to the color scheme of my etsy store which is here you can see the headder. all my stationary matches that right now too. and im switching the wide page format so im gonna have alot of work ahead of me reformatting all my posts to look nice in the new wider layout. ugh why have i been such a bloggy blogger. why do i talk soooooooo much? hahahaha.


a few things

#1) WEATHER- it is raining...yeah...you are surprised i know....been raining everyday since i got here. *eye roll* the wierd thing is that its POURING and stoppping so abrubtly and repeatedly. its like PPPPPSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH (thats rain bucketing down) for like 30 seconds. and then...silence for like 2 minutes. and then PPPSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH again. wierd. been doing it all day.and the rest of the thingsCollapse )


pumpkins n stuff

halloween is nigh people! it is NIIIIIIIIGH! omgomgomgomgomgomg! ok pren...just breathe....wheres that paper bag?

alright now that ive calmed down a smidge hows about an update on some halloweenishness? The Chad and i went to the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago. yes. a real patch! there were no sightings of The Great Pumpkin which was a shame because it was a very sincere pumpkin patch indeed.Read moreCollapse )
so i will take this opportunity to say:

HAPPY BIRFDAY HARDHATCAT!!!!! hope you get something besides thumbs for your birthday cause you already have some of those.

stitch marker tute

so i did a stitch marker tute over on my other blog. im sharing it because it features two sets of stitch markers that i made for some swaps this year. the pix of those are below but if you wanna see the tute for how to make them or download a copy of the tute head over here.

Music Monday #4

in todays music monday we find a song i like that i do not know the band or the name of the song. all my efforts to track it down have been in vain. my friends michelle and alan made me a super awesome mix tape full of brittish and australian bands that they like (and one canadian folk song!). this was one of the songs on it. at some point i lost the song list even though i managed to hold onto the cd cover art they made. so guys if you see this and want to clue me in id love to knwo who this is please!

also not only does this song have good hippiewiggleablitiy it also says how i totally feel 99% of the time. right or wrong. i dont really care. "lie to me lie to me. dont burst my bubble man" hahaha


instead of getting you a cake i thought this was funnier....

the weston apple festival

so the first weekend i was in kansas city The Chad and i went to the weston apple festival. it was really fun. not to mention that the drive out there was really beautiful. there were little booths and people selling things they made and cooked. there was a guy literally churning apple butter. is it churning? i dont know he was like stirring it in a big hot pot for hours!

we also saw how they used to make hay bales back in the day before the tractors did it all. this guy had a little mini version of a hay..baler(?) it was really interesting. we ate some awesome food including one of the best caramel apples ive ever had.

we went exploring to the end of town and we found a tobacco factory where leaves were drying (The Chad had a moment when he realized what was going on in there. for those that dont know The Chad is a 1-2 pack a day smoker. yeah it sucks but naggin isnt gonna change it)

and at the end of the town we found the town hall which was obviously the old train station and this train. im sure you werent supposed to climb on it but there was noone around...so i did.

these and all my other pix from the day can be found here.

a post full of random

things pop into my head when i am on the cusp of sleep. either falling or waking. either way they seem to come out of nowhere and i very rarely remember them. last night i thought about the word pityfull or is it pitifull. i dont know which cause i cant spell and this spell thing on my blog isnt putting a red line under either of those words. AAAAAAAAnywhoozle. pityfull doesnt really mean you are full of pity does it. it means you are pathetic. even thought gleeful means you are full of glee and joyful means you are full of joy and baleful means you....are....full...of bale? i dont know doesnt that mean you are sad or something?..........then i fell asleep.

on another random note this lady on youtube is rad if you have long hair she teaches you all sorts of good things to do with it. like how to french braid etc. for ofenjens approval i submit this video for random video thursday. i do this hair style all the time and it REALLY does hold with just one hair stick!:

here are some of the fruits of my labor. and it is labor. it takes alot of practice believe it or not. i can only do an inside out french braid for some reason my fingers dont work to make a regular one but the hair pix to follow are for my sis (the magnificent hair dresser who is sure to be impressed becuase she knows my attempts to style my own hair are pitiful. ha!) you can click them to see them bigger if you want.

two into one

just like you did! go me!

Wordless Wednesday 11

and a few words sorry......WE ARE HOME OWNERS!!!!!!! WE GOT THE HOUSE YESTERDAY!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE GOOD THOUGHTS AND CROSSED FINGERS!.....and now back to our regularly scheduled silence. thank you.


i am trying not to post a bunch of stuff every single day but this cant wait. The Chad and i put an offer on a house today. yup i know ive only been here a week and this is only the third house ive seen but it is PERFECT. it litterally does not need one single thing done to it.

i never ever thought id find a house in our price range that wasnt a total mess of a fixer upper. granted its at the tippy top of our price range but whatever. this house is so cute. to illustate my point how about some pix?! click them if you wana see em bigger.

ok here are the deets: 3 bdrm (including the lofty area there) and one bathroom. (its set up to where we could add a 1/2 bath in the loft for not too much money if we ever wanted to and turn that into a guest suite (im hoping its gonna be my sewing area though) the other two bdrms are on theground floor and are a decent size. more importantly they are layed out really well with where the windows and stuff are and its just right for our furniture.

the lot is big and beautiful and it has a small deck in the back off the sun room. thats the pic with just a sinle chair in it. you pass through the dinning room to get in there and that we would make into a tv room. comfy sectional (maybe one of those ones thats like a couch with a chaise on one end. not really one that bends around the corner the rooms kinda small. we can put our big tv in there and outfi it with surround sound speakers like we had in tulsa (they mounted to the celing so you couldnt really see them) its gonna be sweet.

there is a basement. its totally nice and warm. it is stone (sealed and painted) and a cement floor but all nice a smooth. the storage is down there and the washer and dryer and its HUGE! i am actually seriously considering making that my sewing room too if we can figure out the plug situation. there arent any except for the washer and dryer.

every paint color in the house is already totaly matching our house and just LOOK at that kitchen! *drools* ok everyone keep your fingers and toes crossed! i havent been this twitterpated since i met The Chad!

this is not ok

Donnie Darko:

i didnt like this movie anyhow but the scary bunny guy really effed me up in the head. it is sooooooooooooo scary! that part where donnie is like stabbing the mirror and the bunny guy is behind him and the knife is all like "KINK! KINK!" on the mirror! NOOOOOOOOO! i dont know what about that part is so scarry to me but i still wake up with nightmares about it sometimes. AND QUIT TALKING SO CALM AND QUIET CREEPY BUNNY GUY! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! eeew ewewewewewwwwww. ok just to creep you out too heres a trailer before i get to my real point (as i couldnt find video of the actual mirror scene im talking about)

ok now onto the point. buycostumes (and probably tons of other haloween retailers) have come out with a bunny guy costume. NO! DO. NOT. WANT! i had better not see this on the street or anywhere that i am on halloween or im gonna run screaming in the other direction. why? why would they wait so long to make this!?

really its pretty good. way too good. thats why its so scary. really the teeth and eyes should be all grey like the movie mask to make it look really good. i think the movie mask is actually metal so maybe someone should spray paint the mask. ugh. why am i giving costuming advice on a costume i hope NEVER to see.

Music Monday #3

Julia nunes has been my favorite thing on youtube for AGES. shes this cute little thing that started putting up cleverly edited videos of herself playing the ukelali and singing and shes just so funny and cute you wanna bite her little face! anywhoozle. she got all crazy kinda popular and now is touring with ben folds five and played at bonnaroo and stuff! yup shes rad.

shes my pic for music monday and i highly suggest you go subscribe to her youtube channel. NOW! so heres my favorite original work of hers called "into the sunshine" and you can buy her cds here. i think shes on i tunes now too actually but at that site you can get shirts and stickers!

also she does these really funny question and answer things heres the most recent:

and here is my favorite cover of hers. say im a sacrilgious so and so but i think its BETTER than the origional. YEAH. i do. so there!

and one more cause i cant stop now that ive started LOVE HER! omg. look at how messy her room is. and she doesnt even care! awwwww. i miss college. hahahaha oh and get all the way to the end. its worth it.

oh i forgot about the bees

why is it always the bees with me!? i dont know but let me tell you about the very first stop i made for gas on this trip. i am in the middle of the desert somewhere and my gas light comes on. so i pull off and stop for gas. i figure while im there i might as well get rid of the trash in my car too huh? so i bag it up and right before i get out if the car i see a bee bumbling past my car door.

eek. "ok, well grow a set pren. its just a little bee." as we all know here i am totally bugaphobic. TOTALLY. so i sit in the car for a few minutes making sure its gone and waffling between growing a set or just driving to the next gas station. "its just one little bee. just one." im like pep talking myself out of the car. so after a few minutes of bee freeness i get out and look cautiously about. no bees.

good. i breath a sigh of relief saunter over to the trash receptacle and toss in my bag.

NO SOONER IS THE BAG IN THE HOLE THAN A SWAAAAAARM OF BEES FLIES OUT OF THE TRASH CAN!!!!!!! i scream bloody murder and take off flailing like a mad woman. there had better not be one comment about how flailing makes bees mad cause I KNOW THAT. the sane half...well half my be too much....the sane 1/3 of me KNOWS to walk calmly away, but the phobic insane 2/3 is the majority and its like "GET THE EFF OUTA HERE YOU DUMB ASS! WHY ARE YOU STILL STANDING AROUND!!?? THERE ARE BEEEEEES! BEEEEEES!!!"

so there was just a pren shaped puff of smoke where i had been standing only a second before. the bess where like "BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. whered she go we want to sting her! BZZZZZZZZZ."

im just thanking my lucky stars that i had the foresight to shut my car door when i got out! can you imagine. i never would have been able to get back in there cause there may have been a bee HIDING! LAYING IN WAIT! to sting me in the eye on the highway when i was least expecting it. devious little bastards.

ok so anyhow after much tentative sneaking, i managed to get back in my car without the bees being the wiser. i decided not to chump out at this point and just moved to another pump. meanwhile im betting from inside the convenience store you cant see the bees and all you can see is a crazy person running and flailing and sneaking and moving from pump to pump. i bet when i finially managed to get pumping and walk into the store the girl had already notified security "theres a loon about to come in here. keep your finger on the silent alarm just in case, and get the stun gun ready."

so anywhoozle i go in and get a beverage and was really wishing there WAS a drink called "Caf POW!" and i stroll up to the counter to pay and whisper to the lady "do you know your trash can is FILLED with bees? FILLED." shes says "yes but im not going to do anything about it." "oh....just thought you should know." so i walk out cautiously eyeball my car from a distance just in case, upon seeing no bees i proceed to toss my stuff in the car and turn to the pump handle. bees.

yep...3...on the handle. i back up and look. hoping they will finish whatever it is they were doing and just leave. please just leave. they take off and hover near by. i scamper upto the handle and try to yank it out real quick. aparently those three bees were the recon team for the whole swarm casuse i got about 2 feet away and got swarmed again! those litle effers FOLLOWED me to the new pump. so im like aproaching and running. apraoching and running. meanwhile theres a guy at the pump right on the other side of me...not a bee in sight on his side. hes just like, watching me. finially near tears im like (insert crazy person on the brink of sanity laugh here) "there are bees over here" points to the pump while running......approaching........"could you unplug my gas for me?" running (maniac self deprecating giggle). he just raised an eyebrow and GOT IN HIS TRUCK AND LEFT!!!!!!! WTF A-HOLE!?

anyhow. i came up with a plan...how hard could it be to be smarter than a bee right? i walked to a shady area and waited.....and waited......untill there wasnt a bee in sight from my vantage point.....THEN I BLITZ ATTACKED THE LITTLE BUGGERS!


no sooner had i gotten in the car than the recon team landed on my window! jerks. neener neener neeeeeeneeerrrrr. stoopid bees ha! I WIN! and it only took a liittle less than 40 minutes.


finially here

where is here you might ask. if you are asking that you must not read my blog very often. hahaha but just in case ill say "here" is kansas city, MO where i moved because the hubbster got an awesome job. hes a film and video editor so kinda wierd that he couldnt find anything good in LA and got a great job in the center of the country huh? yep well he knew a guy whod been working at this post house for a while and the stars finally were in allignment and he snatched the job up.trying to cut good luck meCollapse )

just an old barn. i wonder if they built it next to that pretty tree or if the tree sprouted up there of its own accord after it was built.


in kansas city

ok im here! *phew* if there is anyone that needs my new address please pm me and ill send it to you. ill only be here for three months probably and then it will be a new address probably at a house we OWN WOO HOO!


howdy everyone. i just wanted to let you all know my computer will be off untill friday due to the big move so if ya need me just call :0)

mansfield park

i have much been thinking on the subject of mansfield park. i rented this version from netflix. and i really enjoyed it. i have to say it has been ages and ages since i have read it full through. its no emma or pride and prejudice. it seems a moment of melancholy on jane austens part. a small portion of herself that she feels the need to hide behind the happy endings and the witty commentary that most of her heroines have. i think we can all relate to that.

i know i can. i feel the need to be always on. be funny. be happy. but somtimes i just want to tell the teller in the bank that asks me how i am "i am a misserable shell of myself today madame. today..... i fail." and fall on the floor. but instead i say i am fine because she doesnt really want to know and that WOULD be a bit mellow dramatic wouldn't it? this, in a nutshell, is mansifield park for me. a moment when jane austen wanted to say she was only playing herself. she felt like a shallow impersonation of the person people thought she should be. that is not at all what the tale is about so dont think i have spoiled anything for you but that is what this story feels like. noone can doubt a novel comes from the authors soul. if every book they write says something about who they are or what they wish life was like then mansfield park feels like the teeny bt of doubt in jane austens soul to me.

too deep for you all? yes yes. quite. i agree. my head is hurting from all this introspection. onto the sewing project that this is all leading to.

the jane austen ball that i attend is in pasadena ,ca in january. i can not bear to wear my old ball dress one more year. i MUST have something new dont you agree? so after this mansfield park kick that i have been on, and after watching the newest version on video i have had quite a few thoughts. firstly- the costumes in thos version seemed....not.....right to me. i looked up what year the book was written in (1812-1813). i then looked up what fashion was around in that time and nothing like the dresses shown in the movie were remotely in fashion. the dresses in the movie are pointed waist no skirts, low neckline kinds of dresses. i can not find a pic of the exact dress i am thinking of but here is another dress. the waist seems low. is it because she is the poor cousin? she is wearing older fashions? heres an example to the right. if there is anyone that reads my blog that knows anything about regency fashion please shed some light. was the fashion in this version just wrong? or are there reasons for the dress not meeting what i see in fashion plates of the time? oh look theres one! ha! found it. to the left there.

anyhow when i was looking up fashion between 1811 and 1813 i found this fashion plate and i KNOW what i am making for this years ball. the sleeves and the slim line of the bodice. GORGEOUS! the wrap and the hair STUNNING. there will be more on the progress of this dress to come. i have no idea what fabrics to use or if the red part of the dress is an outer layer or part of the dress but there will be more to come on this you can be sure. i must have this dress. in this color or perhaps a green. i wont get my sewing machine back till december sometime so wish me luck but i will have this dress by JAB this year.

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