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Crafting for good!

as always i am looking for ways to make the world a better place through craft. i thought id share what one crafter is doing to give back.

Squibstitcher of Fresh from the Cauldron hand dyes the most spectacular yarns. A lot of her yarns are inspired buy books, tv, and movies and the characters that live in those worlds i have to tell you i am OBSESSED! i have no desire to buy any other yarn but hers since i got my grimy little meat hooks on two skeins of her yarn last summer. Not only are they sumptuously soft they are fantastic colors. i also love love LOVE that she gives her reasons for picking the colors she does. like sometimes you are lookiing around etsy and you find a yarn titled "luna lovegood inspired" and its black and grey, and you are like WTF? how did they get that colorway from that character? they TOTALLY dont go together. well squib gives her reasons for why those colors called out to her for a certain character. LOVE that! there was one yarn of hers that i saw and it wasnt in her listing but i asked her "whats that about? those colors dont say (insert character from a book here) to ma at all." but she told me why she chose those colors and i could really see where she got that and it all fell into place for me. "of couse those are the perfect colors! haha

ok now onto her do-goodery: she is hosting three auctions of her fantastic yarn for charity. the proceeds will benefit Knitters Without Borders. You must be a member of ravelry to bid so get your butt over there and sign up if you arent already! it only takes a few days to get approval so there is still time. also the first link in each auction takes you straight to the thread about it at ravlery.

i wanted to share her posts and the links directly to the auctions with you. please at least go check it out. pimp it on your blog. get some traffic over there even if you cant bid yourself. remember this post? it matters even if all you do is talk about it. :0)

First up on the auction block is Jane of Twilight fame. GORGEOUS! Auction dates: November 17th, 10am EST- November 19th, 10am EST. heres what Squib has to say about this yarn "Jane was inspired by the Volturi guard character in the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer. This hank is 420 yds of FFtC Silver Sock." Silver sock means its sparkly people. sparkly and gorgeous. just like a vampire. hahaha
Second on the auction block is Gran from True Blood. Auction dates: November 16th, 10am EST- November 18th, 10am EST. i covet this yarn. covet it like you would not believe. "Gran was inspired by Sookie’s grandmother in the True Blood series by Charlaine Harris. This hank is 440 yds of merino/silk; FFtC Silk Sock." Silk sock base means soft soft soft and loving to your feet just like Gran would be if you feet were sookie. hahaha
Third and last up on the block is Poughkeepsie. lush and beautiful. Auction dates: November 18th, 10am EST- November 20th, 10am EST. "Poughkeepsie was inspired by the fall pallet in the setting as described by the author, MrsTheKing’s Twilight fanfic of the same name. This is one hank of MCN worsted weight" this one is a worsted weight yarn


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Nov. 16th, 2009 04:28 pm (UTC)
Want Poughkeepsie!!!!
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